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FOUNDER - Urmila Kanoria

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Born in 1942 and belonging to the Modi family, Urmila Kanoria grew up in Modinagar. From an early age, she inherited her love for welfare   work from her mother, Dayavati Modi and was inspired by her father, a renowned industrialist and philanthropist, Gujjarmal Modi.  Married to the well known Kanoria family, Urmila Kanoria then started her life in Kolkata. 

Living in Kolkata, she worked with various charitable organisations including Women's Interlink, Child Welfare and Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity.  She was also exposed to art and culture and thus began her love story with Indian Art.  Inspired by Shantiniketan, it was Urmila Kanoria's dream to build a world renowned centre for creativity.

On moving to Ahmedabad in the early 80's, Urmila Kanoria undertook the herculean task of acquiring land and then building and starting the Kanoria Centre for Arts (KCA) in 1984. She was supported by Balkrishna Doshi, a leading architect and Priyakantbhai Munshaw, Honorary Secretary of the Ahmedabad Education Society (AES).  In all of Urmila Kanoria's efforts she has had the unstinting support of her husband Kailash Kanoria, her son Saket Kanoria and her daughter Sangita Jindal, Chairperson of the JSW Foundation.

Urmila Kanoria's work in fostering art and social development has been recognised nationally and internationally.  She has been felicitated in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and is a receipient of the Art Society of India Award, The Giant Award and the Bombay Lion Award.  Along with KCA, Urmila Kanoria also runs the Kanoria Hospital and Research Centre in Ahmedabad.