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Gargi Yadav
Hon. Director

Gargi joined the KCA team in December 2012. She is co-Director of an art consultancy NuGa Arthouse that is based in London and Ahmedabad.  Gargi is passionate about the arts and believes KCA has all the right makings to make it the most recognised art centre not only in India and but around the world. Contact


Niharika Shah
Gallery Director

Niharika started off at KCA as a Centre Coordinator and has now been with KCA for 7 years.  Niharika runs the art gallery at KCA but also plays an instrumental part in various activities within KCA. Contact


 Bharat Mehta - website

Bharat Mehta

Bharatbhai started working at KCA since 1985 and is therefore the longest running team member.  Bharatbhai takes on many dedicated roles at KCA and plays an integral part in the daily running of the Centre.


 Anil Majmuda Upr

Anil Majmudar
Studio Coordinator

Anil, came to KCA as a resident printmaking artist and has since grown to fulfill the title of Studio Coordinator at KCA.  Anil's role at KCA is very diverse and his skill as an artist is key to KCA making the right decisions when it comes to the artists. Contact


Pulkit Prajapati
Gallery Coordinator

Pulkit joined KCA as a resident artist in the painting category 5 years ago and has since taken up position as Gallery Coordinator. Pulkit not only continues to work as a full time artist but also supports the Gallery Director and is responsible for the gallery administration. Contact

Foram- website

Foram Prajapati
Galleria 30 Incharge

Foram joined KCA in November 2013. She is a hardworking and enthusiatic individual who is responsible for the day to day running of Galleria 30. Foram also provides support and assistance to the Hon. Director and Gallery Director on a daily basis. You can contact Foram at