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The Programme

The Artists Residency Programme is designed to provide exposure and a working environment for artists that have a Bachelors or Masters in Fine Arts.  It is open to national and international artists in the departments of printmaking, painting and sculpture.  There are 19 studios in total, 11 in painting, 5 in printmaking and 3 in sculpture.

Period of Residency:  1st July to 30th April

Application Deadline: 31st May

Result Declared:         15th June

Joining Date:             1st July


1. Foreign Artist Residency

Applications are accepted all year round and one studio space will always be available. Fees for this residency are US$ 425 for a total period of 3 months. The artist is required to provide one piece of artwork of their choice to KCA for artist documentation purposes.


2. Fellowship

This programme is for a minimum of 1 year where artists will undergo an assessment after the first year. A successful review will determine their continuation on the programme for the following year. It is at the discretion of KCA to offer a 2nd year Fellowship to the artists who have completed the 1st year - subject to review and re-application by the artist.


3. Studio on Fees

This programme is for a minimum of 3 months and maximum 2 years. Any individual from an artistic or creative field may apply e.g. artists, architects, designers, writers etc.


4. Summer Residency

During the summer months of May and June all the studios in any of the departments are available for rent.

For further information on any of these programmes please contact